La patience n’est que puissance

Signature de France

Le coeur

Boinaud Family has a superb selection of eaux-de-vie in its cellars from the prestigious Bas-Armagnac region, that includes a range of vintages, and a noble blend, EXTRA, composed of eaux-de-vie that have reach the peak of their maturity.

An armagnac of tasting

With exquisite aromatic power, this unique blend reveals roasted, spicy and fruity notes that will delight the most sophisticated palates.

An impressive cellar

into the Cognac appellation

Preciously selected by our Cellar Master, vintages and EXTRA quality have aged during a long time in Cognac barrels. Passing time, Angel’s Share and a superior quality of Bas-Armagnac eaux-de-vie confer to Signature de France its statue : an unique, plural and singular collection. With patience comes strength.


Establishing the traditional identity of its prestigious products, innovating with respect to family traditions are the guarantee of excellence and the desired accomplishment of the 24th generation at Maison Boinaud, currently represented by Rémi and Charles BOINAUD. Maison Boinaud flourishes near to Cognac, being the biggest family-owned producers within its 420 hectares of vineyard and its 41-stills distillery. By selecting eaux-de-vie from Bas-Armagnac, the Boinaud family gives power and thought to the consumption of brown spirits and combines all the French know-how and family work within a single house.