La patience n’est que puissance


Boinaud Family has a superb selection of eaux-de-vie in its cellars from the prestigious Bas-Armagnac region, that includes a range of vintages, and a noble blend, EXTRA, composed of eaux-de-vie that have reach the peak of their maturity. With exquisite aromatic power, this unique blend reveals roasted, spicy and fruity notes that will delight the most sophisticated palates. Now available in limited quantities, Signature de France reflects a great French tradition, a family passion for exceptional spirits, and the special refinement that is acquired with age. With patience comes strength. We wish you a wonderful tasting of this 1983 vintage, available in only 6500 bottles.



Red reflections with amber and dark notes


Delicate vanilla, spices and cinnamon savours that match subtly with hazelnut and orange peel notes

Beautiful harmony